Hey, Im Britt.. a 29 year old mama happily “married” (but not actually) to my hard working significant other Matt. We have a 4 year old son name Maddox, and a baby boy named Wyatt.  I want nothing more then to expand my family and document the journey on the way.

I started getting serious about documenting my life through tiny squares on instagram through fall of 2018. I always wanted to expand that to a blog but never really found the right way to start.

Im not sure how it will go, but Im happy to be here. This is where I will be sharing our ups and downs, slips and slides, boogers and babes, loss and gain, life and style, and seeing as its pretty much spring.. a whole lot of the outdoors. 

Grab a tea and sit with me.


Britt ♡


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PS. All photos on my blog are taken or owned by me.