DIY Trundle Train Table

My oldest son Maddox is the biggest fan of Trains. He is constantly building tracks, and chugging away. Maddox’s younger brother Wyatt is not shy to join in on all the fun. However, he still doesn’t understand that the tracks have to stay together, and often destroys them. I am sure you can imagine how frustrating that can be for an almost four year old boy.

One of my friends Bethany and her husband built the most beautiful trundle train table for their sons bedroom. I was swooning over it, and had to DIY one as soon as possible ! We quickly got to work on our own. It was such a great way to give Maddox some opportunity for independent play.

I thought it would be fun to list the materials we used, give some basic instructions, and share some photos !


  • Sides – 1x4x8 Knotty Pine
  • Bottom – 1/2 inch (11mm) 4×8 Sanded Fir 
  • 2 Inch Wheels – [ link here]
  • Particle Board Screws – 8 x 1-1/2


  • Total Height – 6-1/4″
  • Total Width – 29″
  • Total Length – 52-1/4″
  • Shortest Piece of Wood – 7.5”


  • Drill
  • Saw
  • Hand sander


To start this project all of our wood needed to be cut to size. To save some time, Home Depot cut the bottom out. It was $1 / cut. So it only added on $4 to the total of the project.

Let’s be extremely honest here, I had absolutely nothing to do with the building of this trundle train table. I ordered the supplies, and Matt did all the building. I asked him to sum up how he made it in hopes we can give you some guidance if need be. Here it goes.

  • Used clamps to keep wood members flush as I was screwing it together.
  • Used a countersink drill bit to screw pilot holes to prevent wood from splitting and so flat head screws sat recessed in the wood.
  • Once assembled, it was sanded to prevent any splinters.

I can’t even express how excited Maddox was to see this. He loves playing with it ! It fits perfectly under his Ikea twin size bed. Check out some photos below, and head over to my Instagram for more inspo.

Britt xo

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