Whats in my hospital bag – Baby Edition

I have finally made it to the point where I can share what I packed in my hospital bag with you guys! Next up will be my L&D story and the first few weeks of life after birth. We didn’t exactly have the easiest run and I’m still trying to find a routine here at home as a mom of two.

I am so excited to share my list with you.  I definitely brought a bit more then you would need for a normal hospital stay, but for good reason.  Maddox was a jaundice baby, and when you have one jaundice baby the likelihood of you having another one is common. Aside from that I had elevated bile acids which doesn’t help for a possible case of jaundice. We stayed in the hospital for a few extra days while Maddox received phototherapy.  I wanted to be prepared as possible for all of us if that happened to be the case again.

Just as I suspected we did have to go back to the hospital for baby Wyatt. I’m so thankful I had a decent amount of unused items packed when we were sent back to the hospital. For today’s post, let’s get into what was in baby Wy’s hospital bag !


  • 2 swaddles (Incase one gets dirty) I packed my muslin pattern swaddle by Mebie Baby and my super soft camel swaddle by Max + Moose.
  • 1 cozy going home blanket as it’s not that cold here yet.
  • Wipes – I like water wipes as they are gentle and chemical free.
  • Diapers – Pampers have never done me wrong. I try to cloth diaper as well, if I’m not I usually go for these guys.
  • Bum cream – in the first few days your baby shouldn’t have any issues with bum redness. We do fine with using a gentle bum ointment (Live Clean Non Petrolium Jelly) until we see redness.
  • Change mat – I’m a huge fan of vinyl mats. Ruler and Oak has a great vinyl change mat. It’s a small Canadian shop and I’m down for supporting small shops.
  • Face cloths – I have some that my nana hand knit.
  • Diaper bag – Fawn Design makes the best bags! I will have a 15% off code available now and in December. Message me on Instagram!
  • Bibs Pacis
  • 2 Hats
  • 3 Bibs from H&M (which were not used, but hey you never know)
  • 2 pairs of scratch mits (I wish I could find the link, because they are organic cotton, simple, and cute) I got them at buy buy baby !
  • Natemia hair brushes
  • Gerber baby socks
  • Little Luna Knotted Gown – if you’re a first time mom, you need knotted gowns ! They make diaper changes so easy.
  • Beautifully hand knit booties and a bonnet set from Nested Goods
  • Beige Winter Beanie from East Isla Baby

The rest of the clothing I packed are from carters last year. They often get those little pants in and just change up the colours. They will definitely have something similar to what’s shown in my photo below.

The Gerber white onesies are a go to for me. I have tons of them for under other clothing. You can purchase those on amazon, and pretty much any big box store that carries baby items.

I’m the kind of person who likes to pack a bit more and be super prepared instead of packing just enough, or not enough and running into issues. The last thing you want while running on next to no sleep, while trying to figure out your body and baby after birth, is running out of baby items you need to keep your little guy comfortable.

Baby life is so beautiful, but also very confusing and often overwhelming.

I really wish you the best of luck with your new babe and I hope this list helped you out in some way.

Britt xo